Roger Pierce Obituary, Death – According to the network, Roger Pearce, ITV’s Technical Director, died on the job in Qatar. “We have some very sad news to bring you from here in Qatar,” ITV Sports presenter Mark Pougatch said. “Roger Pearce, ITV’s Technical Director, who is in his eighth World Cup.” “Roger and his team are the brilliant people who bring the pictures into your homes and make it all happen.” “Roger was a hugely respected figure in the TV sports broadcasting industry.” “He’s been critical for ITV in terms of logistical planning and delivery of Rugby World Cups, as well as football World Cups and Euros,” Mark continued.

According to the obituary, “he always had a smile on his face and left you with a smile; he was utterly dedicated, professional, charming, and enormously popular; he’ll be missed by so many people both inside and outside the industry.” Throughout their careers, Roger had covered a wide range of topics and was in charge of the planning and execution of major sporting event coverage, including the World Cup, UEFA Europ Championships, and the Rugby World Cup.

According to a Twitter friend, the former ITV Meridian star died while on assignment in Qatar, just five weeks before retiring. “I was saddened to learn of the death of Roger Pearce, a friend and former colleague at ITV Meridian,” Neil Stainsby said. He died on his final assignment in Qatar, five weeks before retiring. Roger, may you rest in peace.” “RIP Roger Pearce,” said one football fan. I’ve never met you, but they say you were the one who first got us interested in football on ITV. “All the best to you.” “I was shocked to learn on ITV of Roger Pearce’s death.” “Every accolade is well-deserved.” “What a fantastic service he provided,” said another.

Please accept our condolences to Roger Pearce’s family, friends, and colleagues at @ITV @itvnews @itvfootball, as well as ITV colleagues in Qatar, before we say “R.I.P. Roger Pearce.” “May his soul rest in peace. Roger started his career as a technical apprentice and support engineer in 1973 before becoming a Broadcast Engineer for ITV in Scotland in 1979. He started working for the national network as a technical producer for sports in June 2001, eventually rising to the position of Technical Director in August 2007. He had been with ITV for over 43 years and had contributed significantly to its output.