RODGER Thomas Obituary, Death –  The name RODGER, Thomas At the age of 49, passed away unexpectedly and unexpectedly on November 3rd, 2022 at University Hospital Monklands. On June 24, 1973, Thomas Rodger was born to Jean and Hughie Rodger, two loving and proud parents who have since passed away. The name “Seamus” was given to Thomas when he was a little boy, and it remained with him for the rest of his life. Thomas was better known by his nickname.

Theresa, who had sadly passed away twenty-two years ago, Kathleen, twins Karen and Margaret, Hugh, and he had one younger sibling in Jane who had just lost away when she was four years old. Seamus was the sole survivor of the seven children in his family.
Maria, Tracey, JohnPaul, Michael, Gemma, Kristopher, and Paul were some of Seamus’s favorite nieces and nephews, and he was very close with and loved of all of them.

He was the kind of person who could go anywhere and he knew everyone. He had wonderful lifelong friends in Tony and Gerry, with whom he would enjoy a good drink. He was the type of person who could go anywhere.
Thomas worked as a window cleaner, at McWilliams yard, and for eleven years in specialized security. He also spent time as a security specialist. Because of this employment, he would be able to brag to everyone that he is the only person in his family and circle of friends who has ever celebrated their birthday in front of forty thousand people, as he would always be working Glastonbury on the day that he celebrates his birthday.

Thomas was a devoted follower of the Glasgow Celtic Football Club. Despite the fact that he was unable to attend any of the games, he watched them almost every weekend, most of the time with his pals. He had a Celtic sense of humor.
Skye, Seamus’s dog, was his best friend and constant companion. Seamus took Skye everywhere he went, including to the yard where he worked for McWilliams. Skye is currently staying with his sister, who had previously committed to looking after her on his behalf.
A memorial service honoring Thomas’s life will be held at the Coats Funeral Home on the 18th of November, 2022 at 11 am, immediately followed by interment in the Coltswood Cemetery.

The Rodger family extends a heartfelt invitation to everyone and everyone to join them at the La Ronde for a subsequent occasion to remember Thomas Rodger’s life and celebrate his legacy.