Rod McKee Obituary, Death – On Thursday, Rod McKee, who was the top photographer for WBRZ, passed away. Rod was a pioneering figure in the field of television journalism in Baton Rouge during the 1980s. In the course of WBRZ’s on-site reporting, Rod was in charge of directing a group of seasoned photojournalists and up-and-coming reporters.

Photographers are the true laborers of a newspaper since they are the first to arrive and are the last to leave once the story is complete. Rod never once doubted that his soldiers would be prepared for battle. Rod passed away surrounded by his family following a protracted battle with multiple myeloma.

“Today, our close-knit TV family had to say goodbye to half of our center. Over the course of his career, Rod covered the most of Baton Rouge’s news. Tough.” Today, we are coming together in order to honor his legacy and show support for his family “Richard Manship, owner and president of WBRZ, made the statement.

Brittany Weiss, a WBRZ anchor and an investigator with 2 On Your Side, and her husband Rod have spent years assisting individuals who have been victimized by the government, shady contractors, and other parties. Brittany Weiss reported on Thursday that her conversation with Rod at the beginning of the workday was quite productive and that the two of them covered a lot of territory. My 2 On Your Side problem-solver, he was always there for me. He paid attention to detail. She added, “I will remember our stories, laughing, and mornings together shooting the sights he liked to share with viewers.” “I will remember our mornings together shooting the sights he liked to share with viewers.”

He captured both the positive and negative aspects of his work alongside primetime anchor Sylvia Weatherspoon on her weekly parts of “2 Make A Difference,” which he did together. Rod looked forward to his time spent volunteering.”Everyone in the newsroom was eager for Rod to shoot their respective tales. He never slacked off. “His amazing photography made us all better writers and storytellers,” Sylvia Weatherspoon commented on Thursday. “He never slacked off.”

Sylvia and Rod were hard at work on their yearly Christmas custom, which was to produce special reports about Sylvia’s Spirit of Christmas, and they were looking forward to broadcasting them.

Like any good news photographer, Rod was well familiar with the streets of Baton Rouge. Rod, who was born and raised in Baton Rouge, had a good understanding of our town. He had a home in Old South Baton Rouge, not far from WBRZ. He spent his free time sliding down the Highland Road hills, which are located close to the television studio. Rod attended McKinley High and then Southern University, and he always worked while wearing a McKinley High and Southern University t-shirt.

As main photographer, Rod was actively involved in the mentoring of aspiring television journalists. His past pupils continue to spread Rod’s positive energy around the country through their reporting.Rod’s legacy will continue on in the newsroom of Baton Rouge as long as his colleagues continue to fight for justice, report stories that are underrepresented, and hold powerful people responsible.

Rod McKee, 58 years old, was a well-liked resident of Baton Rouge and WBRZ. He was survived by his mother, a grandchild, two daughters, and the mothers of his daughters. His relative is Joe McCoy, who works as an investigative news photographer for WBRZ.