Robert Vilera Obituary, Death – After being treated for septic shock at a hospital in the United States for more than a week, Venezuelan percussionist Robert Vilera passed away on Friday, according to the news that was shared by his friend, the musician Roberto Quintero. Robert Vilera had been hospitalized in the United States for more than a week. It had been more than a week since he had been checked into the facility. It was said with tears in his eyes. “I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude to everyone. Our brother Robert Vilera just left me. I’m in pieces,” he said.

On GoFundMe, Vilera’s family started a campaign a few days ago with the intention of raising funds to “be able to cover part of the excessive hospital and treatment expenses.” It was written on the platform that the amount of money that was expected to be collected is two hundred thousand dollars.

In addition to that, the medical professional who examined the musical director concluded that he had “heart working 35%, kidney problems, liver, water in the lungs, and ischemia.”

Vilera, a winner of a Grammy Award, has worked together with a large number of well-known musicians over the course of his career. Some of these musicians include Marc Anthony, Luis Enrique, Oscar D’León, Pupy Santiago, Eliacim, and Victor Baloa.

Vilera was also responsible for producing José Alberto El Canario’s song “Pata Pata,” which was released about four months ago and has already amassed more than one million views on YouTube. The song was credited to Vilera. “Pata Pata” is the result of a joint effort between La Insuperable and myself.

According to the GoFundMe account, it says:; Husband, Father, and friend of all He has Septic Shock (it is a deadly condition caused by a serious infection that requires immediate medical attention, where several organs are compromised such as:
Heart working 35% Problems in the Kidneys, Liver, water in the lungs and ishemia. We ask for prayer and financial help to be able to cover part of the excessive hospital expenses and treatments #robertesunguerrero #papiesfuerte