Robert Mattingly Obituary, Death – The person who was walking along Interstate 71 on the south side of Columbus early on Wednesday morning when they were struck and killed by an automobile has been identified by the Columbus Division of Police. On the southern side of Columbus is where the incident took place. At 11:03 in the morning, a call was taken about a person who may have been sitting on the shoulder of the road on the southbound side, not too far from where Frank Road is located.

The location of Frank Road is referenced in the call. It was confirmed at eleven eleven in the morning that the person, who it was later determined to be Robert Mattingly, had left the area. This information was revealed following further investigation. The time of death of the deceased was determined to be 11:11 in the morning. According to the report that was submitted by the police, Mattingly was walking on the street at 6:15 in the morning when he was struck by a vehicle and knocked to the ground. This information was included in the report that was filed by the police.

While he was going about his normal business of strolling along the street, the event took place. After that, at least one vehicle involved in at least one of the subsequent collisions ran over him while he was still lying on the road after the initial incident. It appears that the body of Mattingly was in such an advanced stage of decomposition at the time that it was discovered that those who were passing by in other vehicles were unable to distinguish whether or not they were looking at a person or something else. In the year 2022, this is the 81st person to lose their life as a direct result of being involved in a collision with another vehicle in the city of Columbus, Ohio.