Robert Harbaum Obituary, Death -This message, which the Stable family has penned with a great deal of melancholy in their hearts, will be posted on the website of the family business.
Robert Harbaum, who was not only an esteemed relative but also a dear friend, passed away not too long ago. He will be greatly missed by all of us. We are going to miss him very much.

Rob was well-liked by the people who lived in the community of Eaton, where he worked as the General Manager of the Papa John’s restaurant that was located there. In this role, he oversaw all of the restaurant’s operations. People in Eaton merely referred to him by his first name, “Rob.” In the remote possibility that you and Rob were to cross paths, he would learn about the specifics of your life in a little more than an hour, and he would never, ever forget you for the rest of his life, even if you two never crossed paths again. In point of fact, he wouldn’t let anything about you slip his mind.

It would mean a great deal to his family and friends if, during this difficult time, you could keep them in your thoughts and prayers and remember them when you say your prayers. Please lend a hand in any way that you can.
We will provide an update on the service information as soon as we are able to, and in the meantime, we kindly ask that as many motorcyclists as possible please come by because we will be having an event where food and drink will be provided to those who attend at no cost. We hope to see as many of you as possible there!

As Rob travels to the location where he will be laid to rest for all of eternity, he will take “One Last Ride” on the Harley Davidson Casket Hauler Motorcycle. This ride will be Rob’s final journey. Rob is going to make his way to the destination while this ride is taking place. This ride will end up being the very last one he ever takes in his life.