Robert Crocco Obituary, Death – We regret to tell you of the passing of Robert J. Crocco, a dear friend and Gary and Glynnis Hill’s adored son. Robert’s brother, David Crocco, and his best friend and companion, Shannon Needham, survive him. He is also survived by several close friends and extended family members. Our sorrow at his premature death cannot be articulated in words, but it is now time to celebrate Robert’s life and all that he loved most. Particularly his friends and family. We are offering you the opportunity to donate to Robert’s funeral, a celebration of life, a possible memorial site, travel, and other expenses. If any funds are left over, they will be donated to a worthy organization in Robert’s memory.

Robert touched the lives of so many individuals without demanding nothing in return. Please only donate if you like, but please keep Robert and his family in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks. The name Robert J. Crocco speaks for itself. Simply simply, he was exceptional. He was kind and understanding, but also humble and truthful. He was also well-known for his unique sense of humour. Robert knew that no one could light a room like him. He had an amazing capacity to tease people while making them feel important. He actually enjoyed it and found it very humorous. He leaned in and put on a show the more you laughed. It made no difference whether there were one or eight individuals in the room. It was his domain.

Robert possesses a wide range of abilities, but his ability to make others feel special and important to him is maybe his most valuable. This is evidenced by the exceptional amount of close relationships he kept throughout his life. He has had an extraordinary life, from his childhood in Markham to his time at Laurier, and then to his successful film and teaching careers. Robert made an impact on everyone. Nearly everyone. Robert was likewise unrepentant about his poor judgment. He was ready to face anyone or anything. More significantly, he was like this around the people he cared the most about. Robert was always a “Switzerland,” neither for nor against; he made no judgements and thought long and hard about his wise comments. Those who knew Robert well characterized him as a comforter and an extraordinarily nice person.

Gary and Glynnis gave birth to Robert on April 26th, 1981. He was the first child and was always gentle. He was an all-around athlete who excelled in sports including hockey, rugby, and high school football, where he once scored four touchdowns in one game. Unlike many other people, Rob kept in touch with the bulk of his childhood friends throughout his life. Relationships were extremely important to him, as seen by his constant presence. Rob also met Shannon in high school, but it would be years before they crossed paths again and embarked on their journey together. After high school, Rob attended Laurier University, where he majored in English and Film. This is where he realized his true passion for writing and filmmaking. At Laurier, Robert continued to assemble some of his closest friends. While never forgetting his past, Robert developed a special bond with each new friend he met.

After graduation, Robert took a detour to pursue his one true passion, filmmaking. Rob landed a high-profile job in Vancouver, where he collaborated with an Executive Producer on one of Halle Berry’s most recent projects. Of course, he had an effect on her, and when she needed to go to the hospital after a shoot one night, it was Rob who sat with her for hours in the waiting room, making her laugh. Rob relocated to Toronto immediately after the conclusion of the film and worked in the industry for several years. When he and Shannon started dating, he understood that his life in the movies was not conducive to marriage and that he needed to focus on his writing. Rob then chose to follow his second love by attending teachers college. He made the decision to move to London, Ontario, to pursue his teaching degree. Because of his colorful and theatrical personality, he was a popular teacher who was adored by both his students and coworkers.

Robert carried his tutoring to the next level, getting exposure in certain Chinese national media. During this time, Robert continued to write, producing scripts, books, short stories, and other works. Some days, he’d write from nightfall till morning, scarcely coming up for air. In person and on writing, he was a terrific storyteller. Fortunately, his words will live on forever. Robert could accomplish anything. He resembled a movie star, a Fortune 500 CEO, or a best-selling book. He leaves a lasting legacy through his friendships. He enjoyed music, writing, live sports, jogging, and cooking, but he preferred to do these things with his closest friends and family.