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I don’t really know how to say all of this. Rizza Marie Benton passed away Friday night. I’m still a mess trying to wrap around the idea that I won’t see this wonderful person anymore. They gave everything in all that they did. I love them so much, more than I can even understand, they are my everything. If you are reaching out, don’t ask about what happened, I’m not ready for any of that.
I love them and I’m heartbroken. ~ Sydney Ryan Eckhoff

Sydney, We do not know each other, but Rizza and I were friends online. I just want you to know that I have always been so touched by the love that was demonstrated between the two of you, and among all of you as a family. Rizza was a an incredible shining light for so many people and for the Lansing community. I hold you and your family in my heart with all of my love. ~ Whitney Blake