Rebecca Mallon Obituary, Death – It has not been too much longer since Rebecca Mallon, a longtime friend of Town Hall as well as a supporter of the organization, passed away. It is with a heavy heart that we share the news with you at this time. A not insignificant amount of time has passed since the passing of Rebecca Mallon.
In the 1960s, Rebecca’s mother, Wirtabel Harris, was the one who took the initiative to stop the destruction of Town Hall. She did this by spearheading an effort to stop the demolition of the building. Rebecca was given her name in honor of her.

Her labors paid off, and she prevailed in what she set out to do. The name “Rebecca” was given to Rebecca by her mother, who also gave her daughter the name “Rebecca.” Rebecca found a great deal of fulfillment in continuing the work that her mother had started, and she made an indelible mark not only on our family but also on the community in which she lived by presenting her own unique perspective and point of view. This was one of the many ways in which Rebecca was able to leave her mark. Rebecca was always the first person to volunteer her skills whenever and wherever they were required, whether it was behind the bar, at the Art & Wine Festival, or any other site.

She was also the first person to volunteer her time whenever and wherever she could. Whether it was at the Art & Wine Festival, behind the bar, or in any other area. We are all going to miss her bright smile, her friendly and welcoming demeanor, her interesting conversation, and her unwavering dedication to both our historic home and our community. Her grin was always friendly and contagious, and the topics of conversation that she brought up were almost always thought-provoking. If you were to come back to the bar at some point in the future, it would mean a great deal to us if you would join us in raising a toast to our wonderful friend Rebecca by raising a glass.