Ray Dilliway Obituary, Death – We are unable to find the words to express how devastated we are to inform you of the passing of our dear friend and co-founder Ray Dilliway, and we do so with a heavy feeling in our chests. Ray was instrumental in the creation of this company, and we will miss him dearly.

We are going to miss Ray very much because of the significant role he played in the establishment of this company. The 11th of November was the day that Ray finally gave in to a mild illness that he had been fighting for some time prior to that day; it was the day that he ultimately lost his fight against it and passed away. Ray had been battling it for some time prior to that day.

Ray was an exceptionally talented veterinarian who devoted his entire life to working in the field of veterinary medicine. He worked in this field for the entirety of his working career. He devoted his entire working life to gaining experience in fields connected to this sector of the economy.

Ray has devoted every moment of his life to enhancing the quality of life for animals and ensuring that they are treated in a compassionate manner. Everyone who had a substantial amount of personal experience with him held a favorable opinion of both him and the skills that he possessed, and this sentiment was shared by each and every one of those individuals.

We would like to offer our most sincere condolences to Ray’s family, friends, and coworkers on the recent passing of Ray. His passing was unexpected. During this trying time, know that all of our thoughts and prayers are with you. Kindly inform them that this message has been read and is being processed. In this time of mourning, we have the utmost faith that you will convey our deepest, most sincere condolences to the person who has suffered a loss.