Raul Nieves Obituary, Death -Raul (Ramel) Nieves had an eventful life and passed away at the age of 53 after a long and fruitful existence. His passing took place on November 18th, 2022, at the MidState Medical Center in the city of MidState. On May 30th, 1969, he was born in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, which is located within the state of New York, which is located within the nation of the United States of America.

Both of his parents, Anna Ortiz and Raul Garcia- Nieves, had already passed away before he was born, so neither one of them was alive when he was born. His parents were Anna Ortiz and Raul Garcia- Nieves. He anticipated that Meriden would be his place of residence for the foreseeable future, and he intended to establish that location as his permanent address there.

Caterina Vargas, Jasranna Nieves, Rajay Nieves, and Ramel Noel Nieves are the only children of Raul who have survived into adulthood. Caterina Vargas is the sole child of her parents. His other children all passed away when they were either infants or young children. He never got to see any of them grow up. In addition to his three grandchildren, Ayden, Cash, and Kenzie, he is survived by his brother, Jason Colon, as well as his four sisters, Wally Nieves, Wanda Nieves, Johanna Rodriguez, and Jessica Colon-Ortiz.

His sister Jessica Colon-Ortiz also has custody of his nieces and nephews. Jason Colon, Wally Nieves, and Wanda Nieves are all considered to be his children because they are members of his family and share his last name. In addition, he was related to a woman by the name of Jessica Colon-Ortiz, who was his sibling. She was a member of his family. In addition to this, Raul was the grandparent of three distinct young people who each originated from a separate set of parents.

He is survived by his wife and children, as well as three nieces, five nephews, and the spouses and children of each of his nephews and nieces. In addition, he is survived by the spouses and children of each of his nieces and nephews. In addition, he does not take his own wife and children with him.