Raquel Perez Obituary, Death – We are profoundly sad to inform you that Raquel Perez, an employee of KCSOS who worked for us as a School Bus Driver, unexpectedly passed away not too long ago, and we want you to know how sorry we are about this. Because of Raquel’s passing, not only within her own family, but also among her employees at KCSOS and the many people who were very close to her, a huge void has been left. In September of 2004, Raquel started working for our company as a Transportation Aide. In 2017, she was promoted to the role of School Bus Driver within our business.

An easygoing person who was held in high esteem by her coworkers for her outstanding capacity to form meaningful connections with others. She possessed the unique skill of being able to sense when another person was feeling sad, and she would make herself accessible to individuals who needed someone to listen to them and console them when she sensed that they were in need of such assistance. She was always prepared to go above and above to be of assistance. Her ability to connect with others encompassed everyone who had the good fortune to come into contact with her, and this included the students whose transportation she was responsible for providing.

She held the pupils and their parents in the highest regard, and they reciprocally had the same opinion of her. Raquel regularly stated that she never considered what she was doing to be work since she was having so much fun with it, and this was her justification for why she never considered it to be labor. Rachel lavished love and attention on each of her five children, and she never stopped gushing about how amazing they were. She spent her spare time crocheting and going to casinos, both of which she enjoyed doing in her spare time. Her relationship with her family was the primary focus of her life.