Radia Saleh Obituary, Death – As soon as I found out that Radia Saleh, a former soldier who had been a friend of mine, had passed away, I was struck with a terrible sense of loss. Radia had been a friend to me. Radia’s background included time spent in the armed forces. It was a moment I will never, ever forget; it is one that will be seared into my mind for all of eternity. When I found out she had passed away, it was a moment that will never, ever forget. Since the time when she first became acquainted with our clan, which was quite a few decades ago, she has consistently proven herself to be one of our family’s most trustworthy and dependable friends.

Since then, our family has counted on her as one of our closest friends. My wife enlisted in the military in 1977, and during that time, she was able to complete her basic training alongside one of our other very good friends at the same time. This was a really memorable experience for all of us. Since that time, she has continued to be a good friend to each and every one of us members of our family, which includes every single member of our family. She joined Amberley and the President’s Office not long after the country earned its independence, and there she served as the former Chief of Staff Yemane Gebremeskel’s secretary.

In this role, she was responsible for drafting official documents. She was in charge of drafting official documents as part of her responsibilities in this capacity. This happened not too long after the nation won its freedom from the colonial masters it had previously been subjected to and triumphed against. During the length of time that had been allotted to her and was made available to her, she was responsible for carrying out the duties that were connected to the function that she played.