Rab Noakes Obituary, Death – Even though Noakes had a prosperous career that spanned well over half a century, it is said that he passed very suddenly in a hospital after contracting an ailment that no one had predicted. The musician is primarily recognized for his solo work, despite the fact that he achieved success through his collaborations with artists such as Gerry Rafferty, Lindisfarne, and Stealers.

Those artists include Gerry Rafferty, Lindisfarne, and Stealers. This is because the vast majority of his most successful albums were distributed under his own name when they were initially made available to the public. Since he emerged on the music scene for the first time in 1970, he has released more than twenty albums under his own name. After being born in St. Andrews and having spent his childhood in Cupar, Noakes started his career as a performer in the year 1967. He had previously spent his life in Cupar. Up until that point in time, he had spent the all of his life in Cupar.

Both his lengthy involvement in the Musicians’ Union and his career at the BBC, during which he rose through the ranks to become the senior producer of music at Radio Scotland, were significant contributors to his success in the Scottish music industry, which he played an important role in. During his time at the BBC, he became the senior producer of music at Radio Scotland. During his time at the BBC, he also played an important role. During his time at the BBC, he was able to work his way up through the ranks and eventually become the senior producer of music for Radio Scotland. While he was employed by Radio Scotland, he was eventually given the opportunity to advance his career to the position of senior music producer.

Noakes was a regular performer at the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, and he made a big contribution to the memorial performances staged there in honor of Michael Marra and Gerry Rafferty. The festival is named after both of these musicians. These two musicians are honored with their names being given to the festival.