Princess Cole Obituary, Death -On November 16, 2022, around noon, officers were dispatched to the location located at 1817 Pleasantdale Roade in response to a report that she had received stating that a female was unresponsive at the location. The report stated that the location was located at 1817 Pleasantdale Roade. The report that she had received stated that she had received stated that she had received reported that she had received reported that she had received.

The victim, who was later determined to be Princess Cole, was found to have a gunshot wound to the head when the investigators arrived at the scene of the crime. A bullet entered the victim’s body, causing the wound. In the year that the event took place, Cole had already reached the age of 33. As a result of the attack that was carried out against her, she was left with a wound that was located on the top of her head.

It was later determined that her body had been discovered at the scene of the incident, and it was concluded that she had already passed away prior to the time that the discovery was made. A person who knew the victim but was unable to contact her went to check on her after being unable to get in touch with her and discovered Cole dead when they did so, as indicated by the preliminary information. This individual was unsuccessful in their attempts to get in touch with Cole.

Members of the Homicide Unit arrived at the scene not long after the fatal shooting that had just occurred so that they could start their investigation into the incident. Following additional inquiries into the matter, the ex-boyfriend of the victim was taken into custody and questioned as a possible suspect in the crime. He was held for several days. This ultimately resulted in the victim being taken into custody. In the very moment that we are having this conversation, investigators are carrying on with their investigation into this matter in order to acquire additional information concerning it.