Phillipe Torres Obituary, Death – On Saturday, Phillipe Andres Torres sadly passed away. Phillipe Torres was born on June 8th, 1942 in the community of Blissfield, which is located in the state of Michigan. Estella Salas Torres and Phillipe Torres. were his mother and father, respectively. The upheaval of uprooting and moving to Adrian, Michigan, occurred while he was just a young child. Phillipe’s final days were spent in an assisted living home in Adrian, Michigan, which is located in the state of Michigan. Before this, he had been living with his mother up until the time of her demise, during which he had been providing care for her until she passed away.

He had great delight in traveling to the stores that were his favorites and seeking for sales, of which he was successful in finding many. The two of them went to yard sales together, which was a fun activity for them to do together. The vast majority of his friends and neighbors thought highly of him as a person and as a neighbor. He was always willing to offer a warm smile and entertaining conversation, as well as a helping hand when it was needed. He was always willing to lend his assistance.

They are going to suffer a great deal from their loss and will never forget him. All of his immediate family members, including his mother Estella Salas Torres, his father Phillipe Torres Sr., his brother Jesse Torres, and his sisters Rosa Torres and Melody Torres, had already passed away by the time he was born. He was the last member of his family to pass away before he did. His brothers Joe Ramirez of Hudson, Michigan, Paul Torres, Pete Torres, and Santiago Torres (Rosalee) of Adrian, Michigan, are among those who will miss him and carry on his legacy. They will always hold their recollections of him in the highest regard. His brother, Joe Torres, is a native of the city of San Fernando in the state of California.

In addition, he is survived by his four sisters: Mary Mota of Adrian, Estella Wimberly of Long Beach, California, Virginia Casarez of Immokalee, Florida, and Margaret Hughes ((Phillip) of Toledo, Ohio. Mary Mota was born in Adrian. Estella Wimberly was born in Long Beach, California. Virginia Casarez was born in Immokalee, Florida. Both Mary Mota and Margaret Hughes (Phillip) are originally from their respective cities of Adrian and Toledo, respectively. His numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews all said how much they missed him after he passed away. He had a great number of relatives in all of these categories.