Philippa Hetherington Obituary, Death – The CGGS community is in a state of mourning following the passing of Dr. Philippa Hetherington (2001), who passed away on November 5th, 2022. Dr. Hetherington passed away in the year 2022. This unfortunate turn of events is a direct result of her passing. Philippa attended both the Junior School and the Senior School at CGGS during the time that she spent there as a student. After finishing her education, she went on to have a prosperous career as a historian and academic after moving on from the institution.

Philippa, who had been a lecturer at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at University College London since 2015, transitioned into a prominent advocate and an effective campaigner for the funding of new treatments in the United Kingdom while she was battling cancer for a prolonged period of time and eventually became ill with the disease. During this time, she became a prominent advocate and an effective campaigner for the funding of new treatments in the United Kingdom.

During this time, she transitioned into a role as an advocate for the provision of financial support for the development of novel treatments in the United Kingdom. Philippa received an Honors degree in European history from the University of Sydney in 2006, where she studied for four years. She was recognized for all of her hard work by being given the University Medal.

After that, she continued her education at Harvard, where she received a doctoral degree. She was recognized as an authority on the historical, cultural, and societal aspects of the practice of smuggling women, particularly in Russia and the early stages of the Soviet Union. Her primary focus was on the Russian Federation. Her main concentration was placed on Russia as well as the early Soviet Union.
Robyn Hetherington, Philippa’s mother, worked as a teacher at the CGGS Junior School for more than 20 years. Philippa is Philippa Hetherington. One of her students was a girl named Philippa.

Philippa is Philippa Hetherington. Since Phillipa was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, members of our Junior School staff have reached out to Robyn in an effort to provide support and connection while Robyn has been in London assisting her cherished daughter and her family. During this time, Robyn has been absent from the United States. Robyn has been absent from the country during this time and has not been seen in the United States.

Our deepest condolences go out to Robyn, Philippa’s mother, as well as to Alessandro, Philippa’s husband, and William, Philippa’s brother. Please accept our condolences.