Philip McConkey Obituary, Death – After a significant amount of time spent struggling with his illness, Mr. Philip J. “Phil” McConkey passed away unexpectedly on November 13, 2022. He had been ill for some time at the time of his passing. At the time of the occurrence, he had passed away on a Sunday, which was the day of the event. He had a successful life by the time he passed away at the age of 52 because he had accomplished a lot in his lifetime. He had lived a full life. It came as a total and utter surprise to everyone when they learned that he had passed away. The news took everyone by surprise.

Phil Alam was born in Utica on August 15, 1979, and he remained a resident of that city throughout the entirety of his formative years there. Phil Alam’s birth date was August 15. His birthday was on the fifteenth of August this year. He has never made another neighborhood his permanent home in any other community. In addition to this, he completed all of his formal education and earned all of his degrees in the region that he was living in at the time, so we can say that he received his education entirely locally.

Francine (McConkey) Alam, his mother, and Brian Charles Alam, Sr., his father, both passed away before he was born. Neither of them ever got to meet their son. Neither one of them ever came face to face with him. They were both remiss in not taking advantage of the chance to spend some quality time with their son. Throughout the entirety of both of their lives, neither one of them was ever directly confronted by him.

Both of them were careless in that they did not seize the opportunity when it was available to spend some time with their son in which they could focus on providing him with high-quality interaction. After that, he continued his education by moving to Long Island, the location that he had previously considered to be his home and where he had finished his previous studies. This allowed him to progress further in his academic pursuits. He came to the conclusion that he should do this in order to have more time to devote to his loved ones.