Peyton Barringer Obituary, Death – The hardest post I have ever had to write and the hardest time of my life are about to happen. Many of you who knew him or knew that he had depression were aware of it. Depression is a mind-controlling, nasty illness. It takes control of your life, teaches you untrue things, and gives you unreal feelings. Death is the final of many signs of depression. On November 8, Peyton experienced that symptom. If you know Peyton, have photos of him, or even videos with his voice, kindly send them to me or leave links to them in the comments. I’m attempting to put together some materials for a service for him. I don’t know the exact date yet, but the funeral home informed me that it would be 7–10 days before he was prepared to return home (he was cremated).

The cost of providing this service is another barrier that is making the task difficult. We really wanted to make this a Peyton-style service, but I already have the money to cover the cremation charges and approximately half to cover the cost of a sort of venue. He detested funerals and did not enjoy seeing everyone so depressed. As a disabled person, it pains me to ask because I have very little money. We would be so grateful if you could make a donation to help with these expenses. My personal cash app’s username is $tiffbarringer.
Peyton was a wonderful person.

He was such a trusting person who just wanted to love; he was so punny and witty; so kind; understood and comprehended things beyond what others realized. You would love him if you knew him. This is such a terrible loss for the entire globe, not just for my family and I. Without a doubt, he was a person whose influence affected the lives of everyone he came into contact with, and eventually, the globe.

Peyton was very intelligent, knowledgeable, and perceptive. My heart is in a million pieces, some of which may eventually fuse back together, but it will never be whole again. I’ve been through countless universes and through the moon and back, Peyton, and I love you with all of my soul. I wish you the tranquility you were unable to find here as you swing from a star and dance on the moon. I’ll miss seeing your face, hearing your voice, and finding out where you’re going next for the rest of my time on this planet. I adore you a lot. My dear boy, you will always be mine. Source