Penny Smith Obituary,  Death – We are writing to express our deepest condolences to you on the loss of Penny Smith, who was instrumental in the formation of the TCAC and passed away recently. We have recently learned of her passing, and it is with heavy hearts that we communicate this information to you at this time. Not too long ago, we were informed about her dying away. Penny was able to have a positive influence on the lives of a significant number of young swimmers and make a contribution to the advancement of their swimming careers over the course of her career as a swimming coach.

She was also able to make a difference in the lives of a significant number of other young swimmers. This was made feasible as a direct result of the fact that she served as a coach for a sizeable number of younger swimmers. She was able to bring about some beneficial changes in their life as a direct result of this, which reflected well on her. Her legacy as a swimmer is still being carried on, despite the fact that TCAC is no longer in operation. Her legacy is being carried on not only by the numerous families that continue to participate in swimming, but also by the swimmers who have since moved on to start new families of their own.

You are cordially invited to accept our kind offer to make memorial contributions in her honor to any animal shelters, foster homes, or other charitable organizations of your choice, and you are strongly encouraged to do so. Please accept our invitation to accept our kind offer to make memorial contributions in her honor. Only monetary contributions can be accepted from individuals at this time; we are unable to accept gifts of flowers in place of these monetary offerings.