Pearl Ozanne Obituary, Death – Pearl Ozanne was one of our founding members, and we are deeply saddened to learn of her passing because she was a founding member of our organization. This news has filled our hearts with sorrow. Pearl was a very valuable contributor to the display, and she stayed with us right up until the point where she decided to stop painting. It is challenging to say goodbye to someone who was remarkable in so many different facets of their life.

Pearl Ozanne was an artist who was very modest about her work, but she left behind a legacy in the form of beautiful paintings for people to remember her by. This legacy will live on after she has passed away.
Pearl was also a longtime, dedicated, and much-loved member of Gray’s Graduates. Her contributions to the group were greatly appreciated. She brought a sense of merriment and enthusiasm to both of these groups thanks to the outgoing and enthusiastic nature of her personality.

Everyone who had the opportunity to spend time in her company will think fondly of her in the future.
The following information has been provided by OZANNE in the event that you are interested in attending the funeral for Pearl: (Ellon) On the Saturday, November 12, 2022, at her residence, Pearl Ozanne, who was 84 years old, passed away in a manner that was completely unexpected.

She was a devoted mother to Paul, a loving mother-in-law to Sue, a step-grandma to Phillip and Emma, and a great-step-grandma to Ben, Bella, and Miles. Paul was her son, and Sue was her daughter-in-law. She was deeply devoted to her late partner, Stanley Clark, who was her partner at the time of his passing. You will always be in our thoughts and memories, and you will never be forgotten by us.

Funeral services will be held at the West Chapel of the Aberdeen Crematorium on Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 11 am. Everyone in the family as well as any and all friends is cordially invited. Only those members of the immediate family should send flowers; however, you are welcome to make donations to Cancer Research when you enter.