Paul Standing Obituary, Death –  It is with deep remorse that I have to be the one to break the tragic news to you that my father, Paul Standing, passed away not too long ago. I am sorry to be the one to break this news to you. It is imperative that you are aware of this information, and I sincerely apologize for making you aware of it. Because it was his greatest love, most burning passion, and most compulsive urge, he devoted every waking moment of his life to the sport of motorcycle racing. He did this because he felt compelled to. He never turned down the opportunity to run in a race, and he never felt any remorse about it.

In addition to that, he had a profound love for rock ‘n’ roll music, which was a subgenre of music in which he was heavily involved in the business. He was a rock ‘n’ roll pioneer. He worked as a record producer for rock and roll artists. Those individuals who had a close relationship with him, on the other hand, will be able to regale you with a great lot of anecdotal evidence of his escapades and will be able to tell you stories about them. Due to the fact that he led such an extraordinary life, any attempt to summarize it all in a single paragraph would be a waste of time due to the quantity of space that it would demand.

It was very fitting that he would leave us as we were listening to my rendition of “Rockin’ Daddy” by Eddie Bond, his favorite song, since that is exactly what he was to us. It was very right that he would leave us as we were listening to my performance of the song. It was really a blessing in disguise that he would leave us at that very moment. During the time when the three of us were lamenting his passing, he unexpectedly passed away while we were listening to my rendition of the song. Before he eventually took his last breath, his loved ones were gathered around him at his bedside as they said their goodbyes. He passed away.