Paul Schweizer Obituary, Death – When we learned that Fr. Paul Schweizer, O. Carm., who had served as the Pastor of St. Joseph Church from 1990 until 2002, had passed away in the afternoon of November 16th, 2022, we were left in complete disbelief and overcome with a profound sense of loss. He had held his position as Pastor of St. Joseph Church from 1990 until 2002. The years 1990 through 2002 found Fr. Paul Schweizer presiding over St. Joseph Church in his role as Pastor. He had held this position from the years 1990 to 2002, spanning a period of almost two decades.

It was in the year 1990 when he first started working there, and he remained employed there all the way up until the year 2002. Fr. Paul served in this capacity beginning in the year 1990 and continuing through the year 2002. His tenure in office spanned several years’ worth of time. During this trying time, our most heartfelt condolences are being sent your way. In addition, we would like to offer you some helpful information that we have uncovered and that we believe may be of use to you. We hope that this will be of some assistance to you.
Dear Lord, I pray that you may bestow upon him the peace that is only attainable in eternity and that the light that illuminates eternity may shine upon him.

Thank you for hearing my prayer and answering it. I say a prayer every day that these things come to pass. May the peace and consolation that can only come from God, along with God’s support, as only he can supply it, make their way to where they are now for the souls of all of the faithful individuals who have already passed away. May they find where they are now the serenity and solace that can only come from God. God alone is able to provide it.