Paul Bailie Obituary, Death – An obituary says the actor died ‘peacefully’ in Santa Barbara on Oct. 28. Rev Dr Paul Bailie died suddenly after turning 54. PCI Moderator Dr. John Kirkpatrick said the church lost a “wise, gifted, and skilled Christian leader.” “Paul was in great form during yesterday’s General Assembly Committee meeting,” he said. “Incomprehensible. We’ve lost a wise, gifted, and talented Christian leader. “I’ve known Paul for years and offer my condolences to his wife Anne, their family, his friends, and his Mission Africa colleagues. He’ll be missed. Dr. Kirkpatrick said the minister enjoyed broadcasting.

“He routinely remarked on BBC Radio Ulster’s General Assembly and Thought for the Day. “One morning he talked about missionary-turned-cricketer Charles T Studd. “Paul quoted a missionary’s poem, “Only one life will pass.” Christ’s work endures. Paul’s life ended too soon, but his love for Jesus and what he accomplished in His name are unmeasurable. Lost. Belfast Bible College mourned “our cherished friend and colleague” As Mission Africa’s CEO, Paul impacted home and foreign missions, it added. His zeal for Africa was undimmed by illness, bandit attacks (and scars), and other afflictions.” Dr. Bailie taught at Dunmurry and Union Theological Colleges in 1996.

He taught Missiology, Old Testament historiography, and New Testament interpretation for a quarter century. Paul told youngsters Thursday about a 2024 Kenya mission trip. “Strong and funny. “After lunch, we reminisced about our long friendship and that scary three-night voyage down lake Nyasa, Malawi, with only street sellers’ oranges and warmish Coca Cola bottles, and that horrible fish soup in Nigeria that debilitated us for several days in the heat. “We often laughed.” Belfast Bible College remarked Dr. Bailie’s “greatest gift was his friendship “Best friend” William Crawley was eulogized. “Talking about Paul Bailie in the past tense breaks my heart,” he tweeted. Every encounter with him was joyous. “Like a brother, I trusted him.

“Love, x,” to Anne. 1995 PCI ordained Rev Dr Paul Bailie. First appointment: Newtownards’ Greenwell Street Presbyterian Church. They became PCI missionaries in Africa in 1998. Previously, he was deputy director of theological education in Kenya. In 2005, he returned to Northern Ireland and joined Mission Africa, formerly Qua Iboe Fellowship. As CEO, he promoted evangelism, theological education, medical missions, and compassion in Africa. “We mourn Paul Bailie’s passing,” the organization said. As a sign of respect, the Belfast mission office will be open Thursday and Friday from 12-2pm for “friends and supporters”

Downstairs, people drink tea and coffee. “Thanks for Paul’s life and example,” reads a social media message. Dr. Bailie helped organize seminars in Nigeria and Kenya. His work was Recognized Service by PCI. The minister was Ards Presbytery’s Students Convener and PCI CMT member. The scholar received a BA, BD, MPhil, and PhD in Biblical Studies at Queen’s University Belfast. Dr. Bailie was a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Union Theological College said he’s “not as old or horrible as he looks.” Paul teaches OT at Union College and supervises Masters and PhD students. “He studies Old Testament, African Church, military, and police history.

Westminster Fellowship of PCI, Tyndale Fellowship, Royal African Society, Military Historical Society. Second Newtownards Presbyterian Church lauded their “respected” vacancy convener. “Paul is an amazing example of a devoted believer of Christ who humbly serves and shares the gospel,” it said on Facebook. Rev. Bailie’s service at Union College, Mission Africa, and other churches gained our admiration.”