Patty Lambert Obituary, Death – Patty Lambert was brought into this world on August 24  by her parents, Vander and Nola Lambert. Patty Lambert calls the town of St. Pembroke in North Carolina her home at the moment. Her mother and father brought their daughter into the world. Both of Patty Lambert’s parents were instrumental in the decision to bring their daughter into the world. The 24th of August was the day that Patty celebrated her birthday this year. On Friday, she made the decision to move forward with the next phase of her life, which was intended to begin after this one. She was able to make the adjustment.

Her stepbrother Zander Lambert, her stepsisters Earlene Lambert and Barbara Lambert, her stepbrother Glenn Ray Lambert, her uncles Rozier Tadlock and Dozier Tadlock, her aunt Ola Hunt, her nephew Mitchell Lambert, and her niece Nikita Lambert all passed away before she did. Her brother Glenn Ray Lambert, her stepsisters Earlene Lambert and Barbara Lambert, her stepbrother Zander Lambert. Her only living relatives are her niece Nikita Lambert and her nephew Mitchell Lambert. Her other relatives passed away before she was born. Her husband, children, and parents will all miss her very much. Along with her parents, her stepbrother Zander Lambert Lambert was a member of the group of people who had passed away before she did. The sum of the number of persons who left before she did rises to three as a result of this.

She is survived by her brother Leon Lambert, who continues to live at the family home; her uncle Grover Tadlock; her nieces and nephews; Glenda and husband Christopher Lea, Michael and wife Debbie Lambert, their three children Thor, Harley, and Natalie, Nicholas Lambert, Apache Lambert and her children Kylon and Kaydin; special friends; Linda Chavis, Brenda Tadlock, Ann Lowery, and sister-in-law Sherry Lambert; and a host of other relatives and friends. She is also survived She has also been preserved. In addition to those she has left behind and those she has left behind, respectively, the following people are among those who are able to carry on her legacy after her passing: