Patti Robinson Obituary, Death – The female victim of a fire that occurred on Thursday at an apartment complex in Moosup has been positively identified by the local law enforcement. The incident occurred at an apartment complex in Moosup. The blaze started in a building that was part of an apartment complex in Moosup. According to the tales that were making the rounds at the time, Patti Robinson, who had reached the age of 64 at the time, was found dead inside of her flat on Gorman Street while it was in the process of catching fire. The Moosup Gardens Apartments were the location of a fire that was reported to have started on Thursday morning about 12:40 local time, as stated in the reports from the police.

The sentence provides information regarding the location of the fire. Within a short amount of time, the fire had spread to a variety of different residences that were placed within the complex. As soon as they were informed about the event, the police and the firefighters made their way to the location immediately. The firefighters had been working on the effort for close to an hour and a half before they were finally successful in putting out the fire. After that, they began searching the structure, and once they were inside, they identified the location where Robinson was hiding. According to the report that was filed by the police, the medical examiner arrived at the opinion that she had already passed away not too much longer after that.

After the autopsy on Robinson’s body was finished, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner came to the conclusion that Robinson had died as a result of a combination of inhalation injuries and thermal burns. This was the finding that was reached following the completion of the autopsy. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner came at this conclusion after conducting their investigation. It was discovered that she had been killed in a terrible accident, and it was concluded that this was the cause of her passing. The investigation into what caused the incident is being assisted by the office of the fire marshal for the Town of Plainfield as well as the Fire Explosion Investigation Unit of the Connecticut State Police. Both of these departments are located in Connecticut. These two divisions are both included in the jurisdiction of the Connecticut State Police.