Patrick Vetter Obituary, Death – The sun doesn’t seem to shine quite as brightly today as it used to because the world has lost an incredible man named Patrick Vetter. To really know Pat was to fall in complete and utter love with him. Because of his magnetic presence and magnetic personality, people were drawn to him almost immediately. Because of his quick wit and dry sense of humor, he possessed an air about him that quickly lifted the spirits of those who were fortunate enough to be in his company. Whether it was amusing stories, inside jokes, or embarrassing things we knew about each other, I have a lot of memories with Pat that make me smile.

Some of these memories even make me laugh out loud. Anyone who was familiar with Pat was aware of the fact that he never appeared when you wanted him to, but he did so without fail whenever you required his assistance. On the day that my daughter was born, Covid had just begun, and we were limited in the number of visitors that we could have. I and many other people could tell countless funny stories about Pat, but the one that stands out in my mind as giving a small window into his heart is when we had restrictions on the number of visitors that we could have.

Pat and I had developed a system of codes that would indicate to him when my wife would go into labor. despite the fact that he was aware he would not be allowed in the visiting room and that there was a significant chance that he would not be able to see my daughter. Even after driving more than an hour and waiting in the waiting room for hours, he was only able to view my daughter for a few seconds before she was brought into her permanent room with my wife. When I asked him why he responded that he wanted to be among the first people to see my kid. Pat will continue to be a member of my family in the future. Source