Patrick Criss-harvey Obituary, Death – You will never truly grasp the value of your own existence until one day your life, as you know it, is irreparably altered. Until that day comes, you will never fully appreciate the significance of your own existence. I had assumed that it would be the same as every other day. I was wrong. When Patrick Criss-Harvey did not show up at his house when he was supposed to on November 9, 2022, an inconceivable event took place. After he was murdered in a car accident, his wife, Carrie, and his two sons, Caleb and Toby, would never have the opportunity to have a normal life again.

In each of his positions as a husband, father, brother, and son, Patrick exemplified what it means to be a model of greatness. Not only did he give his full attention to his wife and children, but he was also quite active in his community, serving as a volunteer coach and being a loyal friend to a large number of people. He was recognized for being the first person to make a kind offer of help to people he had either recently met or those he had known for a very long time. This earned him the reputation of being the most giving person. It didn’t make any kind of a difference to him at all.

The sudden and unexpected loss that befell our group has left us all in a state of complete and utter devastation. It will forever leave a hole unfilled in each and every one of our hearts. Despite this, it is our responsibility to coordinate aid for Carrie and his two sons, who both attend primary schools where Carrie is employed as a teacher. It would be a tremendous honor for us to have you join us. As we move closer to achieving our core objective of honoring Patrick’s legacy, we have made it a priority to ensure that his family will go on.

We ask that you lend us your support in this attempt by making a financial contribution, not simply to pay for the costs associated with his funeral but also to ensure that his family is taken care of. Specifically making a contribution to the college funds for Caleb and Toby, as well as providing assistance to Carrie with future living costs; shielding the family from financial troubles while they deal with the emotional and psychological aftermath of this traumatic occurrence. Click to donate