Patricia Muench Obituary, Death – right up to the parts of our hearts that are the most private and secluded from public view. Patricia “Pat” Muench was not only a devoted worker over the course of a number of years, but she was also a treasured friend to a large number of coworkers at the company. Because she was both devoted to her job and a good friend, the members of the DKI – Disaster RX family are inconsolably distraught over the news of her passing. She was a good friend in addition to being a dedicated employee. They are unable to find any comfort in the knowledge that she has passed away and cannot understand why this is the case.

Pat had a lengthy tenure in this position, clocking in at more than 15 years of total service over the course of his career. Pat worked for a corporation in which there was already a staff person named Pat who shared his name. Pat was not only known for her extremely kind nature, but also for the significant part she played in the day-to-day operations of the company in which she worked. Pat was an employee for this business. The level of enthusiasm that she brought to the organization can never be equaled by anyone else’s level of excitement because no one else can match the amount of excitement that she brought to the organization.

After Pat’s passing, we want his friends and family to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers and that we are thinking about them. We are truly sorry for the loss that has been inflicted upon you. During this trying time, we want you to know that we offer our deepest condolences and ask that you please accept them. To the greatest extent that it is humanly possible, the DKI-Disaster RX organization is going to miss having her on board.