Pat Mitchell Obituary, Death – Our beautiful club is currently experiencing a dreadful day. The early morning hours were filled with sadness as we learned of the passing of our cherished President Pat Mitchell. Because Pat has devoted his entire life to helping Rathnew Gaa, the contributions he has made throughout the years will be fondly remembered by everyone. He was heavily involved in many of our senior teams that won championships and coached some of the best youth teams that have ever come out of this village. Many of our senior teams won championships thanks to him. Everyone at our team will mourn his departure because of the significant contributions he made as a coach.

After he was promoted, he served in a variety of capacities on the county board, each of which earned him the utmost respect from his contemporaries. As a result of his work, he was given additional responsibilities. Just ten days ago, he was asked to be the one to present the Minor championship trophy to the Rathnew squad when they emerged victorious. This honor came as a result of the Rathnew team’s performance. I feel that his role as public relations officer for the county offered him the most satisfaction. You could hear him discussing all of the GAA action from the week with Michael Sargent on Sunday night on East Coast Radio. Many bus rides home from Leinster games were brought to a halt so that everyone onboard could listen in on the conversation.

At our local county grounds, he has held the positions of commentator and announcer for what feels like the entirety of human history. The term “A Chairde” will forever carry a significant significance for those of us from Rathnew who were closest to him, and whenever we hear it, we’ll remember Pat’s silky voice echoing throughout Aughrim. This occurred as a result of Pat’s voice being heard throughout the entirety of Rathnew.
Our sincerest condolences go out to his devoted wife Ann, as well as to their children Amanda, Alvin, Stephen, Stephanie, and Patrice, as well as to all of his grandchildren. We will miss him deeply.