Pamela Pruitt Obituary, Death – Around 5:30 in the morning, the incident occurred on Fegenbush Lane, which is located very close to Bannon Crossings Drive. It was during this time that Bannon Crossings Drive was also in the area. During this time period, Bannon Crossings Drive could also be found in the neighborhood. [Cause and effect] The specifics that were provided allowed for the localization of the occurrence that was described.

As soon as the incident had taken place, the police officers who were assigned to the Sixth Division of the Louisville Metro Police Department immediately made their way to the location where it had taken place. When they arrived, the results of their investigation revealed that a woman, who has since been identified as Pamela Renee Pruitt, 44, from Louisville, was walking across Fegenbush when she was struck by a car that was traveling south.

Pamela Renee Pruitt was from Louisville. The city of Louisville was Pamela Renee Pruitt’s hometown. Pamela Renee Pruitt’s hometown was located in the Kentucky city of Louisville. The city of Louisville in the state of Kentucky was Pamela Renee Pruitt’s birthplace and childhood home. It was later determined that her body had been discovered at the scene of the incident, and it was concluded that she had already passed away prior to the time that the discovery was made.

Everyone who was involved in the incident remained where they were until law enforcement officials arrived at the scene to investigate the situation, according to the police who investigated the case. According to what has been reported, no one who was involved in the incident moved from where they previously were.

Officers from the LMPD were keeping a close eye on her as she crossed the street, and while they did so, they noticed that the majority of the garments she was wearing were of a dark hue. Additionally, they noticed that she was carrying a dark-colored purse. They were aware of this specific facet of her appearance, and it was something that immediately caught their attention.