Noel Thomas Obituary, Death – On December 23, 1984, Noel Cameron Tivon Thomas was brought into the world, and his parents, Michael Thomas, Sr. and Thelma Thomas Coates, were pleased to meet him. When he was born, his parents decided to give him the name Noel Cameron Tivon Thomas. His education came to a head at the city of Seaside, which is found in the state of California in the United States of America. When Noel was younger, he often attended the Calvary Baptist Church located in Marina. In addition to taking part in the other young ministries that the church had to offer during his time there, he was also a part of the Awana program at the church.

He spent his entire life as an active member of the Church and took part in a wide range of the activities that were made available to him by the organization throughout that time. No matter the event, if Noel was able to celebrate it with the people who were most important to him, he counted it as a victory in his book. This was true despite the fact that the event itself took place. Making music, singing, going fishing, and spending time with his family, particularly with his children, were all things that brought him a great deal of joy. He especially enjoyed spending time with his children.

His wife, Franchesca Danielle Thomas; his children, Faith Thomas and Noel Thomas, Jr.; his sister, Adina Hay; his brothers, Michael Thomas, Jr. and Nathan Thomas; and a large number of uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, on both his mother’s side of the family and his father’s side of the family; in addition to a large number of friends. His mother’s side of the family is from the Dominican Republic, and his father’s side Both Michael Thomas Jr. and Nathan Thomas are named Thomas. Franchesca Danielle Thomas, who is he married to. His wife Franchesca Danielle Thomas and his children Noel Thomas is going to miss his parents, Michael Thomas, Sr. and Thelma Thomas Coates; his children Noel will always have his memories, but he is going to miss his parents.