Nigel Hayward Obituary, Death – Nigel Hayward of Houston, Texas has tragically passed away.  Please say a prayer for the Hayward family as they deal with the loss of Nigel Hayward, who was not only a member of the Hayward family but also their grandson. They are having a difficult time coming to terms with Nigel’s passing. In addition to being a member of the family, Nigel Hayward was also the family’s grandson at the same time. When I was involved in the community choir in Creston, British Columbia, where I also played the organ for the group, Nigel was a member of my youth choir. At the time, I lived in Creston, British Columbia.

In the course of that performance, I served as the organist for the choir and played for them. His grandmother is a talented pianist who is also very involved in the community where she lives. He gets his musical talent from her. She has been very active in the community’s artistic scene there. He was a young man with a very positive outlook on life who visited me along with his brothers on a number of occasions to talk to me about various things. We were successful in a number of the conversations that we had together.

As a group, we contributed a significant amount of time and effort to the endeavor. The purpose of this get-together was to have a discussion on a wide variety of topics, so we invited everyone here. I beg you to say a prayer for them right now, as they are going through a difficult time. Please say a prayer for them in this time of need. I am grateful. Please accept my sincere condolences as well as my prayers, and be aware that during this trying time, his friends and family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry for your loss. I pray that the Lord gives his family the fortitude and consolation they require to make it through this trying time in the name of Jesus Christ. In this matter, we ask that you hear and accept our prayers.