Nigel Babbage Obituary, Death – In the midst of our most heartfelt condolences, we would like to pass on to you the following information. Nigel Babbage, who had only been around for 60 years but had served as our Trust Chair, founding Trustee, and sponsor, passed away on Sunday following a brief illness. He was only 60 years old. At 11 in the morning on the following Wednesday, the 30th of November, a memorial service commemorating Nigel’s life will be held at the Riccarton Racecourse in honor of his memory. Riccarton Park can be accessed through the Show Gate, which is the main entrance.

Nigel’s passion for the protection of native birds in danger of extinction inspired him to found not only our Trust but also the Mohua Charitable Trust. In addition, he took on roles as a Trustee and Vice Chairperson for the New Zealand Conservation Trust during his time in the country. His business, Mohua Investments Ltd., was named after a small yellow bird of the same name. In this news article that was published by the university, you will be able to read about Nigel’s presentation that took place at the University of Otago Business School in April 2019, as well as his background in the financial industry.

It is going to be very challenging for his family, his friends, and anyone else who knew him to continue on with their lives after he has passed away. Nigel was a character larger than life; he was humble, generous, dedicated, hard-working, funny, and supportive; he kept us going; he kept us focused; he kept us motivated; and he often entertained us; he was a character that was larger than life. Rhys Buckingham, who was also a founding trustee, shared the following words with us, and we would like to express our gratitude to him for doing so: “We are so devastated about Nigel’s passing – we are lost for words and in a kind of numb vacuum of the heart.”