Nichole Olsen Obituary, Death – The Salt Lake City Police Department has initiated an investigation into the shooting murder of a mother who was 29 years old and took place early on Sunday morning in the neighborhood of a nightclub in Salt Lake City. The shooting fatality took place in the vicinity of the club. Salt Lake City was the location where the incident took place. The event took place in the city of Salt Lake City, which is the capital city of the state of Utah. The event was held at the city of Salt Lake. The occurrence happened in the early hours of the morning, when it was still dark outside.

The individual who was found shall hereafter be referred to by her family as Nichole Olsen because that is the name that they have chosen to give her after they came to the conclusion that they should do so. This is due to the fact that her parents and grandparents decided to give her that name. Olsen does, in point of fact, have a son who is 10 years old, as indicated by members of Olsen’s family who have discussed the problem with FOX 13 News. These members of Olsen’s family volunteered this information for our consideration. The year 2000 was the one in which he came into the world. SLCPD dispatchers received a call at approximately two in the morning reporting that someone had been shot in the neighborhood of 300 South West Temple, according to a news release that was released by the department.

The information was contained in a news release that was issued by the department. This material was distributed by the department in the form of a press release, which was where it could be found. The information regarding the circumstance was provided to the public in the form of a press statement that was disseminated by the appropriate government agency. The information that was needed to understand the situation was released to the public in the form of a press statement that was distributed by the government agency that was responsible for handling the situation. When the police arrived, they found that the woman had been driven to the University of Utah Hospital, where she had been treated for her injuries but ultimately did not survive.

Despite receiving treatment for her injuries, the woman did not make it. The woman did not make it despite receiving care for her injuries; she unfortunately passed away. Despite obtaining medical attention for her wounds, the woman sadly did not recover from her injuries and passed away. The victim was given medical assistance for her wounds; however, regrettably, she did not make it through the trauma, and she passed away as a result of her injuries. The officers who responded to the call found out this information on their own when they were gathering evidence during the course of their investigation.

According to the preliminary findings of the investigation into the incident that took place after it took place, it appeared that the shooting took place in the parking lot of a local nightclub. The inquiry that was carried out in the aftermath of the occurrence came to this conclusion. The findings of the research that was done led to the acquisition of this information as a direct consequence of those findings. This information was acquired as a direct consequence of those findings. A number of clubgoers were asked to leave the establishment prior to the shooting by employees of the company who had reason to believe that the clubgoers might have been involved in the incident.

This occurred because the employees of the company had reason to believe that the clubgoers might have been involved in the incident. The workers at the company had grounds for suspecting that the patrons of the nightclub were maybe engaged in the shooting that took place. There were reasonable grounds for the employees of the club to think that some of the patrons were involved in the shooting that took place at the establishment. The suspect was involved in a fight with the victim’s boyfriend while they were outdoors before he pulled out a gun and shot the victim. The confrontation took place before the suspect shot the victim. Both parties were there throughout the confrontation that took place.

During the time that they were standing in the open they began to argue with one another. An argument was taking place at the same time that all of them were gathered together in the same spot. The argument started in the parking lot of the building where it was going on. The suspect, along with other people who were connected to the event, evaded capture by fleeing the scene in a car whose driver’s identity is unknown at this time. Other individuals who were connected to the event also escaped capture in this manner. A number of other people with connections to the incident evaded capture by fleeing in the vehicle. The vehicle was used to flee by a number of additional people with connections to the incident, all of whom made their escape at the same time.

A number of other people who were involved in or connected to the incident used the same vehicle to flee the scene as they attempted to get away from the police.