Neil Kowal Obituary, Death – Today, in remembrance of the late Neil Kowal, who had previously served as mayor of the Town of Grand Centre before coming to Cold Lake, the flags at City Hall were lowered to half-staff. Neil Kowal had been mayor of Grand Centre before coming to Cold Lake. Before moving to Cold Lake, Neil Kowal served as the mayor of the nearby community of Grand Centre. The day that Mayor Kowal passed away was November 14, 2022, and he had reached the age of 77 at the time of his passing. The precise moment he passed away was recorded in our records.

It was during the years 1980 to 1983 that he served as Mayor of Grand Centre, and it was during this time that the municipality went through a number of significant changes that can be primarily credited to his leadership. He served in this capacity for a total of four years. Between the years 1980 and 1983, he served in this role. These projects included the development of Brady Heights, the construction of the Leisure Sports Village for the town, and the amalgamation of Grand Centre and Cold Lake into a single municipality for the purpose of making it easier to create a regional sewer system. All of these projects were carried out with the intention of facilitating the creation of a regional sewer system.

In order to make the development of a regional sewer system easier, each of these projects was carried out. In recognition of the significant contributions that he made to the community over the course of his life, the City of Cold Lake would like to extend its most sincere condolences to his family on behalf of the rest of the city. Throughout his life, he worked tirelessly to improve the lives of those around him. These actions are being taken on behalf of the residents of the rest of the city.