Neal Stong Obituary, Death – When we learned that Neal Stong, who had owned NuWay Burgers for more than forty years, had passed away, we were shocked by the news. He had been the proprietor of the restaurant for so many decades. For the better part of that time period, he had operated the restaurant as the sole proprietor. We plan to honor his memory by carrying on the tradition that he established by modeling our actions after his own and continuing to provide our customers with goods and services of the highest possible quality.

In doing so, we will continue to carry on the tradition that he established. We intend to carry on Neal’s legacy by continuing to provide customers with such excellent quality and service. Neal was always enthusiastic about continuing NuWay’s tradition of providing customers with excellent quality and service, and we intend to carry on his legacy by doing the same thing. Neal spent a significant portion of his career working for David’s Department Store, and as a result, he was eventually given the opportunity to become a shareholder in the company.

During this time period, Neal was accountable for a variety of significant duties and responsibilities. In addition to that, Neal worked there for a significant portion of time during his employment there. In addition to this, she was distinguished by the fact that she had graduated with honors from both Planeview High School and Wichita State University. He possessed a high level of expertise in the game of golf, and he was always willing to share with others his enthusiasm for the game with anyone who was interested in hearing it. He was always willing to share with others his enthusiasm for the game. He never hesitated to pass on his enthusiasm to others when they asked. At the time of the interview, he had already lived for 86 years. The delivery of the services that are currently being provided for those who are interested in receiving them is currently experiencing some kind of holdup.