Nathan Miller Obituary, Death – The police in Montgomery have been able to determine the identity of the person who was killed in the shooting that took place on Monday, and they also report that a juvenile suspect is currently being held in custody for the purpose of investigation. On Monday, there was a shooting that ended in a fatality. The incident involving the gun took place on Monday of this week. Monday of this week was the day of the incident involving the gun that took place.

Nathan Miller, age twenty, was pronounced dead at the scene on Monday afternoon in the Villas Lane neighborhood, as indicated by the details that were provided by the local police department’s information that was made available to the public. This conclusion was reached on the basis of the information that was supplied by the police. The crew from WSFA 12 News was able to locate the location of the crime scene, which turned out to be an apartment complex; however, the crew was unable to determine the precise name of the apartment complex at the time. The crime scene turned out to be an apartment complex. It turned out that the apartment complex was the location of the crime.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has reported that they have detained a juvenile, and according to the MPD’s reports, charges are still being prepared at this time. The MPD has stated that they will keep the juvenile in custody until further notice. Regarding the ongoing investigation, there has not been any newly discovered information that has been made available to the general public as of yet. The general public can now access this information as it has been made available to them. Dial 215-STOP to reach CrimeStoppers, 334-625-4000 to reach the Metropolitan Police Department, and 334-625-4000 to reach the secret witness line.

All three numbers are located on the back of the CrimeStoppers phone. You can call the Metropolitan Police Department at 334-62831 if you want to report the incident without revealing your identity. You are strongly encouraged to call one of these hotlines if you have any information that might be useful to the police, and if you have any of that information, click here. If you have any information that might be useful to the police, click here.