Nancy Grimes Obituary, Death – Nancy Grimes of Kentucky has passed away unexpectedly. Nancy Howard Grimes, who recently passed away and is now at rest, I would be grateful if you could join me in doing so. Please remember Dr. Grimes (Big Al), Andrew, Reed, and the rest of our family in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate this challenging time. In my head, she was always referred to as Momma Grimes. During the entire time she was staying with us, our children referred to her as Bibi. She was a mother who was out of this world, a mother-in-law who was gracious, and a grandmother who adored you and wanted to be there for you always.

All three of these roles she played exceptionally well. She did an excellent job in each of these roles, all three of which she played. Her love for her sons Andrew and Reed, as well as her thirteen grandchildren, was palpable, and it was impossible to miss because her eyes shone brighter than anything else in the room. Her sons Andrew and Reed are now married, and she has five great-grandchildren. It was impossible not to catch her excitement for new experiences and her wanderlust after hearing about all the places she had traveled. In spite of the fact that your absence has created a void in our hearts, we are certain that you have left an indelible mark on this world as a result of the work that you have accomplished.

Your charitable nature, endearing smile, and infectious laugh have been passed down to Charlotte Reed and Ford, respectively. In addition, Ford has taken after you and inherited your zeal for playing as well as your fondness for being held close. Hattie possesses both your eyes and the determination to carry out the tasks in her own unique way. We love you, Bibi. We have Big Al, Andrew, and Reed, and we are going to do everything in our power to carry on your legacy of incredible cooking, globetrotting adventures and travel, genuine friendship, and an ever-present presence that makes other people’s lives better. Your legacy will live on through us.