Myron Dukes Obituary, Death – Myron “Chy” Dukes passed away late last night, and my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time. I pray that you find eternal rest. Myron and I have been friends for almost 35 years, and in all of that time, he has never stopped surprising me in some way. This is something that has never happened. We had regular conversations with each other, whether it was a debate, him telling me what to do, or us just laughing about who has a problem with who hahaha… It’s conceivable that not everyone is aware that Myron resided immediately behind the SWAG facility, but he did, and he was the one who told me what to do.

Since I moved in, there hasn’t been a single day in which I’ve opened the back door or stood in front of this building without running into him. Neither of these two locations is very far apart. There is no question that a significant number of people will miss having him around. I’m grateful that we were able to share some of life’s most memorable moments together, such as going to an NBA game, a concert, or the SWAG Parking Lot. There was not a single day that went by in which he was not out there in our parking lot presiding over communal affairs with the Brothers. He did this every single day.

It is a terrible thing that he has passed away since he had an abundance of knowledge and excitement, both of which have the ability to either enlighten you or fill your mind to the brim with thoughts. It is truly unfortunate that he has passed away. The most recent time that we talked was on Saturday of this past week, when he stopped his car in front of SWAG to make a monetary donation to the SWAG Dance team. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family, his friends, and anybody else who knew him throughout his life and cared about him.