Morgan Danner Obituary, Death – Morgan Danner of Mcdonough Georgia has reportedly passed away. A GoFundMe account set up for Morgan reads: Jenny is my name, and Morgan Danner is the closest relative I have in the Danner family. My surname is Danner, if you must know. My first cousin once removed, Morgan Danner, also goes by the name Morgan, and his full name is Morgan. Anyone who has spent even a short amount of time in conversation with Morgan is well aware of everything that is going to be said about her in the following paragraph. Morgan’s reputation precedes her in this regard.

She had the most generous heart of anyone, was the most compassionate person, and shone brighter than any ray of sunshine. She was always able to find something that would make her happy and put a grin on her face. Her radiant smile and infectious laugh will be the aspects of her that we will miss the most in common. She had a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh. It was only a microsecond, but in that shattering fraction of a second, she was no longer in this room with us. The state of our home is a complete disaster, and it appears that things will never be the same again. It is impossible for things to go back to the way they were before.

This campaign on GoFundMe is being run with the intention of providing monetary support to her mother Dana, her sister Julia, her beautiful niece Gabby, whom she adored more than anything else in the world, and her twin sister Megan. We are unable to fathom the level of torment that they are experiencing at this very second because it is not possible for us to put ourselves in their shoes. The total amount of money that is donated will be used in its entirety to assist the family in navigating the challenges that they are currently facing in their lives. Thank you. Morgan, we are all going to have a very special place in our hearts that is reserved just for you.