Moneka Staton Obituary, Death – Moneka Staton came into this world on May 3, and she was born in the city of Galveston, which is located within the limits of the state of Texas. Her birthday is May 3. Her father’s name is Chester Wayne Donatta, and her mother’s name is Roxane Staton; both of their given names are derived from their family names. She now goes by a monicker that is a blend of their two names, yet everyone calls her by the former.

In Beaumont, the task that Moneka had been performing on earth came to a successful completion, and she began the ascent to Heaven in order to obtain her heavenly treasure for the remainder of eternity. She is destined to remain in that place for all of eternity. She will be able to take pleasure in it for the entirety of its existence, which is quite a long time. Because her maternal and paternal grandmothers on both sides of the family had already passed away by the time she was born, neither one of them could be deemed to have been her grandmother.

She was named after the grandmother who raised her, who was her mother. On both her mother’s side and her father’s side of the family, both of her grandmothers have since passed away. Erma Jean Staton was her grandmother on her mother’s side, and Myra Ann Donatta was her grandmother on her father’s side. Both of their names were passed down down the generations. Her maternal grandmother, Erma Jean Staton, was her primary caregiver during her formative years, while her paternal grandmother, Myra Ann Donatta, did the same.

Her children, Travis Bryant and Jasmine Batiste, in addition to her parents, Chester Wayne Donatta (Billie) and Roxane Eaglin Tolliver (Jahan), in addition to her maternal grandfather, Robert Donatta Sr., in addition to her siblings, Alvin Lee Eaglin (Penny), Jahan Tolliver, II, Jalan Tolliver, Jonathan McKenzie, Brittney Simmons (Joshua), and Dalici Donatta,