Mikhail Blumenfeld Obituary, Death – According to a message posted on a public VKontakte account with the subject ‘Accident and emergency in Novorossiysk,’ a motorcyclist named Mikhail Blumenfeld, 38, died on November 12 after falling over a cliff in Russia’s Krasnodar Territory. His friends videotaped the incident and showed it to him afterwards. “A good gentleman, an enduro rider, went off a cliff and died yesterday in the Limanchik area of Abrau-Dyurso,” the Facebook post added. Mikhail was known as a skilled rider who embraced dangerous pastimes like snowboarding and motocross.

Mikhail can be seen riding his motorcycle through a twisting path that goes along the brink of a cliff at the Limanchik sports base in Abrau-Dyurso in another video released to the 112 Telegram channel. He was seen coming to a halt and looking down before continuing on his way. He lost his equilibrium rapidly, crashed off his motorcycle, and was later seen rolling down the cliff. “A biker fell off a cliff while riding near the Abrau-Limanchik Dyurso amusement park.” Mikhail Blumendelph died as a result of his injuries prior to the arrival of paramedics. According to the post, preliminary investigations show that the rider lost control of the vehicle.

An investigation into the occurrence was planned, according to the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Krasnodar Territory, so that all of the circumstances surrounding the tragedy might be exposed. This information was obtained by the Kommersant-Kuban newspaper. Mikhail Blumenfeld died at the scene as a result of his injuries, according to the evidence. His wife and two children are still alive. Blumenfeld was a well-known character in the sports world, and he was a regular competitor in a number of motorsport competitions, where he consistently won first place.

Mikhail Blumenfeld, the deceased man’s widow, described him as a good rider who enjoyed participating in extreme events. He’s been doing this sport since he was fourteen. True, he had a keen interest in extreme sports, a wealth of knowledge, and a mastery of riding skills. What prompted that to happen? He was accompanied by a motorcycle squad, though I’m not sure I recognize everyone. She described him as purposeful, pleasant, and responsible, according to material obtained by