Mike Sanders Obituary, Death –  Mike Sanders, who had worked as the Director of Sports Information at Goucher University, passed away not too long ago, and the university community has been grieving his loss ever since. The educational establishment has suffered a serious setback as a result of his passing. The Goucher University Department of Athletics and Recreation is in a state of mourning due to his passing, as is the entire university, which is saddened by his passing. The loss of his life has left everyone at Goucher in a state of mourning. Sanders had racked up a sizeable number of service hours during the course of his employment at the organization, which lasted for the entirety of his tenure there.

This employment had lasted for the duration of his entire time there. Mike was a well-liked member of the Goucher community, and he served as the SID for the Gophers from the year 2000 until the year 2016; his tenure spanned from 2000 until 2016. During that period, he served as the Senior Individual Development Coach for the Gophers. During this time, he served as the head coach of the Gopher football team and as the head of the athletic department. From the year 2000 to the year 2016, Mike held the position of Senior Intercollegiate Adviser for the Gophers. During this period, he was responsible for advising the team.

Mike was the Gophers’ Senior Intercollegiate Adviser from the year 2000 until the year 2016, during which time he served in that capacity for the team. During this time period, he was in charge of providing the team with advice. In addition to that, throughout the entirety of the period of time that was under consideration, he was successful in meeting the requirements that came with this position and the responsibilities that came along with it. In the days that are to come, the people who are going to take part in the funeral rites that are going to be performed will be informed of the specifics of the funeral rituals that are going to be carried out in order for them to take part in the funeral rituals.

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