Mike Chobanyan Obituary, Death – Both my heart and my spirit have been shattered, and my spirit has been broken. The fact that I won’t be able to watch you walk away into the distance as you go about your day is going to be the thing that will be the single most difficult thing for me to handle. Or, not hearing Kam say, “Brother Mike, let’s take a shot,” or not receiving your messages or SMS each week addressing the current situation of our affairs. Or, not hearing Kam say, “Brother Mike, let’s take a shot.” Or the fact that Kam did not suggest to Brother Mike that they share a shot together by saying “Let’s do it together.”

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when we went to Green Bay for that one rally, and when we were there, you pulled out the cane. You were carrying yourself in a manner that was befitting of a pimp as you moved about. You, on the other hand, have been moved to the front of the line as a direct result of the fact that this occurred. No one questioned you. We traveled on that journey to the far north in order to check out a bar that was available for purchase, and we did so with the intention of making an offer to buy it. An air of territorialism was given off by the proprietor of the modest town bar that was located next door.

When people from the city visited those more rural sections of the country, he found it extremely annoying. It was a delight, my good buddy, to spend some time listening to you chat about whatever topic you choose. Because of our discussion together and the opportunity to hear your perspective, I now have a more optimistic viewpoint towards the level of intelligence I possess. You have just become one of a kind, and from this day on, no one else in this world will be just like you! R.I.P. Mike Chobanyan