Mikal Thompson Obituary, Death – On the North Coast Highway in Rio Bueno, early on Saturday morning, the collision between the Toyota Coaster bus that was carrying two male employees of Excellence Oyster Bay to the hotel and a truck that was parked on the soft shoulder caused a feeling of having experienced something similar before. Ten workers were hospitalized. Mikal Thompson, who was 32 years old and worked as the housekeeping coordinator at Breadnut Hill in Ocho Rios, and Reace Anderson, who was 28 years old and worked as a fabric attendant at Bamboo in St. Ann, both passed away.

Both Thompson and Anderson were ejected from the bus, sustaining multiple injuries, and passing away at the scene of the accident, while ten other passengers were transported to Falmouth Public General Hospital for treatment.
In the beginning of September, a car accident that occurred on the portion of the North Coast Highway that is located in Braco claimed the lives of three people, including a man and his wife.

The collision was responsible for 22 additional injuries, according to the police. and The crowd of onlookers on Saturday morning could not believe their eyes when they saw the bus in such a precarious position in the back of the truck. when Firefighters washed blood, flesh, bones, and other debris off the road using power hoses. Other debris included parts of a bus. The members of the hotel staff as well as relatives gathered outside of the Accident and Emergency Department of the Falmouth Public General Hospital in a gloomy mood.

A local resident of St. Mary made the trip from his parish all the way to the hospital to get an update on the condition of his daughter. when Edmund Bartlett, the Minister of Tourism, lamented the deaths and critical injuries sustained by hotel staff in a press release. Another person’s tragic death on the road makes me sad.

The Minister of Tourism has stated that discussions have begun with key stakeholders, such as the National Works Agency and the Police Department, in order to determine the cause of the frequent corridor crashes and investigate the various options for mitigating them. He extended his condolences to the families of the two employees who had passed away as well as their coworkers at Excellence Oyster Bay and expressed his hope that the 10 employees who had been injured would recover from the traumatic experience.