Mick Ward Obituary, Death -As they share the sad news that Mick Ward has passed away, Mick Ward’s family would like to offer their most sincere condolences to each and every one of you. On November 11th, 2022, Mick, who had been a patient at Springhill Hospice for a number of years prior to his passing, passed away peacefully in the facility, where he had been a patient. Mick had been a patient there for a number of years. He had already logged 57 years of professional experience at that point.

His wife Dee, daughter Nicola, mother Nancy, sister Anne Marie, and brother Alan, in addition to the rest of his extended family and friends, will never be able to get over the loss of their loved one because he was a devoted husband and father. Nor will the majority of his friends and members of his extended family. A memorial service honoring a loved one who has passed away will take place at the Blackley Crematorium on Friday, December 2 at twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

The service will be held in memory of the deceased. The memorial service will be held in remembrance of the person who has passed away. Smart casual dress code. You are free to wear whatever color you like, whenever you like, and in any situation you like, regardless of the fact that there may be certain conditions present. At this time, flower deliveries should be limited to only those who are directly related to the recipient in some way.

You can make a contribution to the Springhill Hospice by sending it to the care of Dixons Funeral Service, which is situated at 2 Manchester Road, Rochdale, OL11 4HY. This location’s zip code is OL11 4HY, in case you were wondering. You are more than welcome to send any donations that you have to the Springhill Hospice. The hospice is very appreciative of any support it can get. The hospice is extremely grateful for any and all support that it can get. The following is the address of the aforementioned company, which can be contacted there: Please contact the appropriate location at this number, which is 01706 645501, in order to have your questions answered.