Mick Rushforth Obituary, Death – The devastating news was received with dismay by all members of the CTB Rcommunity. Came to Believe Recovery owes Mick a significant amount of gratitude for the bold way in which he spread the gospel of recovery to those who were in need of it. Buckfast Abbey in August of 2010 was the location of Mick’s very first ever retreat, which he attended. Seven years had passed since he had his last drink or drug before he passed away clean and sober. What a remarkable example of the power of recovery! A CTBR retreat was constructed in Wales by Mick and Jos, his lovely wife, in the month of May 2019.

When it came to the program, which Mick cared so much about, he addressed it with a beautiful sense of humor and a directness that was both invigorating and enlightening. When speaking about the Big Book, he would frequently say that “it is not a self-help book it is a solution and the only time it would be a self-help book is if a person stood on it to reach something on a shelf.” He would say this in reference to the fact that the Big Book is not a self-help book but rather a solution. He was implying that the Big Guide is more of a solution than a book on how to heal yourself.

Mick had no problems with going to regular AA meetings, talking about how he was doing in recovery, and exposing who his higher power was. In fact, he looked forward to doing all of these things. He would travel from meeting to meeting in order to impart pure and potent messages, much like the ones that the 12 Step pioneers had previously demonstrated to us.

Mick and Jos started holding meetings on a biweekly basis while there was a lockdown in place. Even when they were away on vacation, Mick never missed a meeting and was always willing to lend a helping hand to those who were ill or going through difficult times. In Wales, he was an unwavering pillar of support for the CTBR fellowship, going above and above the duties that were assigned to him.

We are all going to miss having you around, Mick. During this trying time, I want Jos and the rest of Mick’s family to know that I am thinking about and praying for all of them. In the Glory, Mick can now be found standing in the presence of his Creator.