Micheal Sheldon Obituary,  Death – We regret to inform you of the untimely passing of Michael Sheldon Deleff on November 10, 2022, at his residence on the family farm east of Consort, Alberta. The third son of James and Lynn Deleff, Mike (as he wanted to be called) was born on January 7, 1981, in the Consort hospital. Mike has fought his entire life with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a crippling condition that causes fragile bones. He was tougher than anyone I know because of everything he endured, yet the agony and stress were intolerable.
He had a lifetime love of horses that began when he was quite young. He then purchased his first horses and took great delight in training them after learning from friends and watching videos.

Hank and Pup, his two dogs, were by his side all the time and remained by his side till the very end. Whether it was assisting with a difficult calving or having a young calf mothered up, he liked working with cattle and calving time was very precious to him. Hank was trained by him to assist in moving and working with cattle, a task they both enjoyed. Mike was always willing to lend a hand when something needed to be mended or fixed. At the time of silage, he really enjoyed operating the cutter. He also loved to hunt, and he was incredibly proud of himself the year he shot one of the largest bucks in the region.

With each injury Mike suffered and the resulting debilitation, life got harder for Mike as time went on. He would make every effort to assist when he was in a good mood. With a fractured limb, multiple surgeries, protracted hospital stays, and recurrent infections, the past few years have been the toughest. Kaiden became the guiding light Mike needed when he joined our family because Mike loved children. Everywhere Mike went, Kaiden was there as well. Mike’s heart ached when Kaiden was diagnosed with cancer. I recall that when Kaiden first got home from the hospital, Mike was his top priority. He wanted to spend the night with Mike because, in his words, “someone had to look after Mike.

” He could take care of each other, I assured him. James and Lynn Deleff, Mike’s parents, as well as his siblings Rob (Beverlee) and their kids Brooke, Ashley, and Rylan, Jesse (Lyndsay) and daughter Kerstin, his friend of four years, Sara, and a large number of family members and friends, survive Mike. His brothers Ken and Brad, his grandparents Harry and Jean Deleff, Eileen Kelts, Doug and Dorothy Kelts, and his cousin Jeannette Fawcett-Weir all predeceased him.