Michael Hammer Obituary, Death – TMZ has reported that business magnate Michael Armand Hammer, who was also the father of Armie Hammer, has passed away. Michael Armand Hammer was also the patriarch of the Hammer family. Michael passed away on Sunday, according to sources close to the family who spoke with TMZ about the tragedy. We were informed that he had been battling cancer for a significant amount of time and that he had been quite ill for a significant amount of time.

Before the American businessman became involved with Occidental Petroleum, which was a company that his grandfather, Armand Hammer, had led for many years, he worked at an investment banking firm in New York City. Occidental Petroleum was a company that his grandfather had led for many years. In the 1980s, Michael moved the headquarters of Occidental to the city of Los Angeles from its previous location in San Francisco. Because of this, he was able to climb the corporate ladder and work his way up to the position of vice president of the organization, as well as earn a spot on the board of directors.

Throughout his career, Michael was the undisputed ruler of Hammer Productions, the Armand Hammer Foundation, Hammer Galleries, and the Hammer International Foundation. He also served as chairman of each of these organizations. Michael and Dru Ann Mobley, who was then his wife, welcomed their first child, Armie, into the world in 1986. Two years later, in 1988, they welcomed Armie’s brother, Viktor, into the world. You are aware that the Hammer family was featured prominently in the documentary series titled “House of Hammer,” which ran over the course of several episodes.

In the mausoleum that the family owns in the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park, Armand and a number of other members of the family are laid to rest alongside one another. The mausoleum can be found right here in this spot. After Michael’s passing, the only people he leaves behind are his wife, Misty, and their two children, Armie and Viktor. He was 67.